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Given 2 32 bit numbers, how do u multiply them using 8bit multipliers?

1 Answer

Let A1A2A3A4 & B1B2B3B4 be the 32 bit numbers. (A1A2 00 + 00A3A4)*(B1B2 00 + 00B3B4) should give an idea as to implemt the 32-bit multiplication using 8 bit mult.

qtns abt OFDM, qtns abt cyclic prefix, qtns abt wideband channel, qtns abt block convolution: overlap save

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Given 25 red balls & 25 blue balls. Arrange them in 2 bowls such that when a ball is picked randomly from one of bowls, the probability of picking red ball is maximum??

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Swap two numbers without using a temporary variable

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Write a program using assembly instructions

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