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Senior Accountant Interview Questions in Dublin, Ireland

"As a senior accountant, employers are looking for your experience to make you a valuable asset to their company. Thus, interviewers will often ask about the previous duties you had with other employers, what kinds of accounting software you are proficient in, and a few brain teasers that will test your accounting knowledge. In addition, be able to provide examples as to how you work through stressful situations, meet close deadlines, and deal with difficult situations."

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Q: Why do you want to work for Oracle?

1 Answer

Focus on enthusiasm and talent, thinking outside the box, be passionate.

What experience do you have in Financial Management? What is a ZBA? What are spot/transaction rates? What do you bring to the table for this position? How would you plan the Knowledge Transfer?

They asked a lot about my previous experience, very detailed questions for jobs I was employed in 5+ years ago.

Describe your daily / weekly my/ monthly work

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Mostly general questions such as why move from current job, what information do you know about portfolio investment types, pricing, etc

all standard questions, focused in management style and experience

First round was extremely difficult, asked a number of extremely complex accounting questions, including questions that had nothing to do with the Company (e.g. fund structuring) . Asked about consolidation accounting. Asked for the primary differences between IFRS and other frameworks. Asked for the main risks I felt the company faced from my reading of the FS.

I was asked to go through my experience.

How would you post a fee and what ledgers would it hit? Can you explain a master feeder structure?