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Senior Developer Interview Questions in Dublin, Ireland


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First interview had question on JSON serialization and services.

1 Answer

Look up this prior to interview if you have not used it

Being asked to re-submit the technical test that I had done nearly two weeks prior was a tough one.

1 Answer

I was asked to answer some open ended questions. Explain CORS, XSS, React vs Plain Javascript.

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Lookup Microservices (Netflix) and some Refactoring topics as well as the usual Spring, Hibernate, Design Patterns, RESTful and core Java and you should be fine.

Difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE in SQL

1 Answer

What is your favorite programming language and why?

1 Answer

general question about my experience and list of frameworks I know

Q: How would you scale a web application across thousands of users

1 Answer

How can you defend web application attacks like sql injection , XSS etc ? Also what if client side validation is turned off?

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