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Software Developer Interview Questions in Dublin, Ireland

"Software developers design, write, test, and maintain the code for a software system. Extensive knowledge of programming languages, data structures, and algorithms are necessary to pass the technical interview which is designed to test these skills. Employers are looking for candidates with a bachelor's degree in computer science or related field or equivalent work experience. "

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How to clone a linked list that has a pointer to a random node in the list.

Many questions around management and what I had written on my CV.

What improvement have you implemented in your current role

Detect a loop in a single linked list

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CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, how does the word "cascading" effect how you write it?

Describe a previous project. Talk about importance of QA.

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Questions about Abstract, Interface,Singleton,Pattern(some types which I didn't get), Modelling, Searching in Unix. Questions about Java logs, deadlock, Unit testing types, checked/unchecked exceptions. Database questions such as normalisation, Referential integrity, foreign key, Joins. Some questions on Web Services which i had no idea. Questions on time complexities eg. Array,Linkedlist, their sorting and searching complexities.