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Software Engineer Intern Interview Questions in Dublin, Ireland


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Compute all the intersections of two sets of segments in a line.

2 Answers

Only implemented the naive solution O(M x N) time, should have implemented a line sweeping algorithm.

int line1[line size] int line2[line size] int overlap[line size] for each segment in set1 for i = segment start to segment end line1[i]++ for each segment in set2 for i = segment start to segment end line2[i]++ for i = 1 to line size if line1[i] and line2[i] overlap[i] = 1

Given a set of cities, each with a given population, select randomly a city with a probability that is proportional to the population.

2 Answers

Suppose you have a set objects, identified by a unique name. How do you store them so that you can retrieve them easily?

1 Answer

How would you test a pen?

1 Answer

What is the output of the Linux uptime command? What is the meaning of load average? How is the load average affected by SMP?

1 Answer

How do you process a set of log files if you don't have enough memory to do it?

1 Answer

Are objects and classes the same , and if not , how are they different?

1 Answer

Given an array of integers [1,2,3,4]. and target t = 5. Come up with a solution that will print out all the unique pairs in the array that are equal t.

3 Answers

How would you design an online shopping cart.

1 Answer

What technologies have you read about recently that you find interesting..... I stumbled through this answer, as I was not prepared for it.