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Some of the word problems were time consuming if you haven't done math in a long time.

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I would like to explain our reasoning for the assessment questionnaire. Benefit #1- Any interview takes at least 15 - 60 minutes of a managers time. We do not wish to interview people for the sake of interviewing The fact that someone takes the time to complete the questionnaire shows their seriousness about their job seeking thus we are willing in return to invest our time to interview that person. Benefit #2- Most people have an average score on this test.. However is someone scores exceptional high or exceptionally low, it gives us some insight on the current capabilitites of that applicant.

What you are saying makes no sense. First you schedule an interview, and then you are asking people to complete your test. Which means your manager will lose his/her time anyway.

Interviews are not scheduled until the test results are reviewed. First, the aptitude test, then the interview.

What are your goals?

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They asked me my rank in my High School class. Also did I feel that I was going to achieve my goals and dreams.

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What was the reason you left your previous employer?

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How can a company set itself apart from its competitors?

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Why do you want to work for Nordstrom?

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The product knowledge and typing skills: Well they handed me a laptop and a small box when I opened the box a mouse was inside. They asked to right a detailed description of it in a paragraph or so.

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What do you think about our site?

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Who is your favorite writer?

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What would you do differently in writing Tommy Bahama product copy?

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