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Interview questions in Eastbourne, England

Primark Interviews in Eastbourne

www.primark.com /  HQ: Dublin, UK

2 Interviews in Eastbourne (of 667)

2.5 Easy

Waitrose Interviews in Eastbourne

www.waitrose.com /  HQ: LONDON, UK

2 Interviews in Eastbourne (of 422)

3.0 Average

NHS Interviews in Eastbourne

www.nhs.uk /  HQ: London, UK

2 Interviews in Eastbourne (of 231)

1.5 Very Easy

Interview Questions in Eastbourne

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If a customer wants something on a mannequin and it is out of stock, how would you approach it.

1 Answer

I said I would still go to the deliveries section to check it is definitely out of stock. If so, I would recommend something similar.

how my previous experience would help in this position

1 Answer

what times was I available

1 Answer

Do you have any experience? what is your greatest achievement? what are your strengths and weaknesses? what are you enthusiastic about?

What are the qualities of a good sales assistant?

When checking your van first thing in the morning what are you looking for?

1 Answer

Name some health and safety occurrences you should be aware of in the office?

1 Answer

If a customer came in and was angry, how would you deal with the situation?

1 Answer
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