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What are some of your Weaknesses

1 Answer

I use to be bad at public speaking but threw myself into morning meetings and group discussions to grow it and make it not become a weakness but a tool.

How do you handle an angry customer?

1 Answer

Why did you apply here?

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What are some services or accessories you would offer a customer purchasing a new Laptop for their back to school student? (while this might not be hard now that I worked there for a couple years, but it was at the time)

1 Answer

tell me about a time where you worked on computers

Q: How knowledgeable are you with computer diagnostics and repair.

Give me an example of a time you had to work with a team.

Gm of store I was applying for stated "retail sucks but yet here we are. No one wakes up saying I want to work retail. How do you deal with working retail?"

1 Answer

A customer brings a desktop computer to the tech counter and states that a message displaying "NTLDR is missing" appears, what do you do?

1 Answer

How do you feel about working with customers and employees of diverse cultural backgrounds?

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