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Model a grammar structure and show you're an effective teacher.

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For example, if it's "Do you like apples?", have everyone repeat the vocabulary on the flashcards provided. Then, "quiz" the students by doing things like slowly revealing the card or quickly flashing the card or making the students flip overturned cards over and then having them say what it is. In addition, get them to repeat the grammar structure "Do you like apples?" several times. Then, set up two distinct sides: "Yes, I do" and "No, I Don't". Model both of these with exaggerated facial features so understand the difference. Then model with yourself or a student the completed exchange: A: "Do you like apples? " B: "No, I don't." Then play a game where you show a vocabulary card such as milk, have the students produce the question "Do you like milk?" then instruct the students to stand on one side for "Yes, I do" or "No, I don't".

Definitely prepare for the grammar test in any way you can. Even looking up other interviews here on Glassdoor helped me (I only vaguely knew what a sommelier is). It seems they haven't changed the test yet.

Tell them you love little kids and want to spend a lot of time teaching little kids.

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