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What is merchandising to you

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The evaluation of an assortment based on sales and product, and finding ways to increase sales based on analysis.

An essay about what you are most proud of. Meanwhile, I believe only HR sees this.

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Do you have experience working with Shopify?

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It wasn't a Q&A, it was a high concept interview. A lot of marketing strategy and the future of the company. Because the owner, who was very deer-in-the-headlights, didn't know much about marketing, other than the point-and-click ability to run Facebook ads, I did most of the talking. He wanted to build a marketing department, with strategy, workflow, process, etc., for the future, which sounded great - that's what I do - but he also wanted immediate gratification. I should have walked out here, too. Marketing is about laying a foundation and building from there. He didn't understand that. He wanted his jollies right away and was very uncomfortable when I tried to examine that - again, I got the sense he really lacked rudimentary marketing know-how. I walked out the interview with mixed feelings, I would have likely taken the job, so I went ahead and emailed him materials that I normally charge for when I do consulting. I'm sure it was like looking at Chinese to him. Again, his marketing knowledge was quite dim. Two major negatives, the run-around for the interview process was too much for a low-paying job. The job only paid about $37,000 and you'd be on the hook for 50% of the health insurance - that's a bad sign right there. Additionally, they call themselves the hippies, but he said he would happily sell a cheap product from China if it had a picture of Jerry Garcia on it. I'm sure Jerry Garcia is rolling over in his grave . . . Bottom line, he got a lot of high-level marketing consulting out of me for free, so this "hippie" is just looking to snooker you. Stay away from this company.

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Have you ever had an issue with another department and how did you handle it?

How do you stay organized? Review of website? What do you like about website vs what you don't like? Interest in eCom?

What would you improve on our website, and what do you like and dislike ?