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What is 2^16?

5 Answers

65536(power of 2s) All Networking folks should get that

Careful, it's a trick question. In most programming languages the upper bound of an unsigned integer is 65535 because counting starts at 0.

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How do you cross check data between different sources?

3 Answers

What kind of statistical modelling experience do you have?

2 Answers

Tell me about yourself?

2 Answers

Precise details about my PhD thesis. I had to recall the variables that I used and particular findings.

1 Answer

"Explain the Cuban Missile Crisis, economically."

1 Answer

What is a C++ virtual method?

1 Answer

Where do I see myself in ten years

1 Answer

How would you handle doing a lot of work, coming to an informed conclusion, and then being told by a politician that you are wrong and to come up with a different scenario?

1 Answer

How would you deal with a difficult coworker?

1 Answer
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