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Project Manager Interview Questions in Eden Prairie, MN

As a project manager, it is your job to oversee the creation and execution of company projects and ensure that all team members stay on track to meet deadlines. Expect interview questions that will assess your ability to lead a group and communicate effectively to members with different roles and varying concerns. As the scope, schedule, and cost of a project can change frequently, the interviewer may ask you to role-play a few scenarios in which a project deadline changes or several group members leave the company.

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She asked for additional employment history.

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My resume had a summary of my experience, which was recommended/suggested by recruiters that I'd been working with. (Of course out of 5 recruiters, I could get 5 completely different and conflicting suggestions.) I wasn't expecting her to ask for additional jobs that I'd had. I listed every place I'd worked for the past 13 years. Unfortunately it looked bad because I'd been laid off from two different agencies within a year. After that, it was difficult to get another job.

They asked examples of current experience

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1. Tell me about your last role and what kinds of projects you managed. 2. What methodologies have you used in the past on projects? And what has been your exposure to the different kind of methodologies? (Ie Six Sigma, Waterfall, Agile) 3. What has been your approach on any given project? How did you interact with the team? 4. Tell us how you provide status updates and what you include. 5. How do you deal with resourcing constraints and conflicts? 6. Do you have experience working with people outside the US (offshore?) How do you deal with the barrier of not being face to face with these resources? 7. How do you handle it when a resource won’t cooperate and collaborate with you on a project? What is your escalation path and how do you use this when it’s needed? 8. How do you deliver bad news to a stakeholder about a budget/timeline/etc and how did you deliver a solution with the news?

3 strengths and weaknesses

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What happens if you have resources that aren’t available and the work can’t get done? Tell about a time where you had resource constraints, how you managed that and how it turned out? How do you handle situations where a resource has a deliverable past due? (ie mitigation and follow up)

What steps would you take to sell and manage a landscaping company project.

Do you have any experience agile/scrum teams/iterative releases? What types of tools and systems have you used in your roles? Are you a novice/expert in MS project? What do you think are your top two qualities as a project manager? What two things do you dislike about being a project manager? How do you determine what is most important and prioritize what work gets done when you have limited resources to complete several projects?

Give an example of a time when a project did not go the way you expected and how you handled it.

What do you do with your stakeholders when you have to tell them that a project won’t work in a timeline or needs to be moved? In your previous experience what has been your role when it comes to talking to a client about potential issues with a project? If you are assigned a project that’s already over budget, what are the first few things you do?

What type of product project management have you done?

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