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Are you familiar with the EDI transaction sets and process..

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Yes have experience

This isn't particularly difficult, but it's more difficult when you're in an interview and it's not going all that well: You are in a room that has a light switch panel with 3 switches, only one of which turns on a light (the other two don’t do anything.) The light in question is in the room next door, and it is at a height where you are able to touch it. You can remain in the room with the light switches as long as you like, but once you go into the room with the light, you cannot return to the room where the switches are. You have to determine which switch turns on the light. How do you do this?

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How many years experience

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I don't remember there being a question that I would call "difficult" or "unexpected". They all seemed to be reasonable under the circumstances.

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Do I have any career regrets?

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Had to take a twenty minute test in the middle quizzing on basic SQL skills

I was asked about my background and experience.

When can you start.

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Do you have experience in Logistics?

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