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Denver Public Schools
Special Education Paraprofessional was asked...May 19, 2016

What is a situation in which you have been challenged by a student and how did you meet that challenge and learn from it for future lessons

2 Answers

I had a student who would keep talking even when she wasn’t supposed to. I tried changing her seat frequently, talking to her parents then finally settled on having her take a paper and write out what’s on her mind in the back of the room which seemed most effective. I also found that letting her help with tasks worked Less

I talked about a student with autism I had that used to spit on me and other paras every time we tried to get him to learn and do work. I explained the many tactics we came up with and tried as a team and the many ways I tried on my own to get his behavior to change. Until we finally came up with a tactic of reward and recoil that got him away from spiting and excited to do work. Less

Corpus Christi Independent School District

What would you do if a student became physically aggressive in the classroom?

1 Answers

I would make certain all other students were safe. Removal of the other classroom students first, then deescalate the aggressive behavior next. Less


What is the difference between formative and summative evaluation?

1 Answers

Summative evaluation is meant to assess the amount of student learning at the end of a unit, like a final exam or midterm. Formative evaluation is much more regular and is used by a teacher to change their program to achieve better results. Less

Oakland Unified School District

Do you think all students can succeed at high levels?

8 Answers

Yes! I think this is an extremely important question to say yes to.


yes with the right help and support

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Brightmont Academy

What subjects are you qualified to teach? Are you flexible in your teaching style?

3 Answers

I am qualified to teach English Literature and Grammar. My style is very flexible focusing on needs to the students. Less

English Literature and Grammar

I gave all the subjects I have taught over the years. The more subjects you can teach, the more hours you can get, so be flexible! Less

Bellevue Public Schools

If you encountered two coworkers engaging in gossip, what would you do?

2 Answers

I would stay away from it and if the gossip got brought up in front of me, I wouldn't spread it and say it is not ethical to talk about other coworkers. Less

That's really hard to answer when it's the principal and the secretaries who are doing it! Less

VOICE Charter School

Let's role play, pretend that I am a third grade boy, "Ms. (my name), why do people die?"

2 Answers

I explained that all living things come to the end of their life cycle and when that happens they die. I was caught so off guard... Less

I would have talked about death being part of a life cycle, then ask why the student was thinking about death ( Did they loose a grandparent, other relative, friend or pet?) Depending on their answer I would offer comfort and make a mental note to contact their parents so they would be aware. If it was a pet who had died I might suggest they read The Tenth Good Thing About Barnie , a book about a child who’s pet dies and how they deal with it. Less


Did ou want to open your own early childhood center

2 Answers



Canutillo Independent School District

What would you do if you heard a staff member speaking badly about another teacher, yourself, or a student in your classroom?

2 Answers

This was a difficult question, and I answered with well you never really know if they are just rumors but I would maybe ask the teacher to speak to me personally about it, and if anything were to get out of hand, I would like to bring the administration into the situation. Less

I would talk to the staff member, and outline some strategies they might use in discussing their concerns. I might offer some reasons for the staff member's behavior. Less


Questions were mostly based out off the kills and competencies of the job requirements.

2 Answers

What did they ask in the written test?

Can you tell me about the nature of the assignment?

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