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If you're in a group with four people you have never spoken to before, would you take the role of the leader, follower or contributor and why? They had asked me what did I like most about being a Child Care Provider. So make sure to come up with a good answer to why you like your previous job! I had put down on my resume that I was in Speech and Debate and I was asked what did I like most about being on the Speech and Debate team. My guess is that they will ask what you liked about at least two of your jobs so be ready for it! the first question they asked was to tell me a little bit about myself and why did I want to work at CardioNet.

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The only problem I found with being interviewed was that my interviewer was constantly typing in my answers, thus giving me a feeling like he didn't care much about what I was saying and was just going through the motions. You really have to compel them to look at you with the tone of your voice. Sound passionate, sound genuine so they can get their eyes off the screen!

What made you choose St. Peter's to apply for a job?

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Why do you want to work here.

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Why would we hire you?

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Are you able to work in stressful environment.

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Why are you interested in Riverside Medical Center

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What is something that irritates you at a job, and what do you do about it? (Paraphrasing here)

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