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General Dynamics Electric Boat
Engineer I- Electrical Power Distribution was asked...January 13, 2020

Q: What are my likes and dislikes in college? Q: How do you feel like moving to the east coast?

4 Answers

Did you interview at the Groton facility or just over the phone?


How long did it take for them to let you know if you got an offer or not?

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BAE Systems USA

Tell me about yourself

2 Answers

This was the hardest question they asked...

I had a similar experience. Can I ask if you won the position? Did you receive any feedback? Less

Raytheon Technologies

what is in fpga

2 Answers

FPGA: Field Programmable Gate Array. Filled with logic gates and RAM blocks

FPGA: Field Programmable Gate Array. Filled with logic gates and RAM blocks


You are on a desert island and there are two identical black boxes. One of them is a voltage source, the other is a current source. How can you tell which is which?

2 Answers

The Box with Current source in it will be the one that is moving more possibly pulsating. Current is the orce/Voltage is the amount or volume. Less

Use a calorimeter or other instrument to determine how much power the black box is dissipating. (I'm assuming everything having reached a state of thermal equilibrium.) With AB unconnected outside the black box, the innards of the Norton equivalent will be dissipating a constant 1 watt of power while the Thévenin equivalent dissipates no power. Less


Why do you want to work on motor design?

1 Answers

Just be honest with them and share your motivation and interest in this field.

Lam Research

Many interviewers asked me about my projects I have done in school, especially since I am a college grad. I talked about classes I have taken (embedded systems, digital logic design, verification) and my master's project. Each question led to the next.

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What portion of embedded did you work on? If given the opportunity which would you choose? I worked on the firmware/hardware portion of embedded systems. I answered saying I would like to continue doing this. Less

Lam Research

They asked a few questions about my master's project to gauge my capabilities.

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Since this is my master's project, it was more research and development. I explained the aspects of the project, which subsystem I worked on and what I accomplished and wasn't able to accomplish. Less

Applied Materials

Describe this project and your role in the project.

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It's essential to demonstrate that you can really go deep... there are plenty of followup questions and (sometimes tangential) angles to explore. There's a lot of Electrical Engineer experts who've worked at Applied Materials, who provide this sort of practice through mock interviews. There's a whole list of them curated on Prepfully. prepfully.com/practice-interviews Less


Each hiring manager had 5 behavioral questions on a different topic like leadership, teamwork, social skills, etc.

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Google behavioral questions and have answers prepared for each one.

Collins Aerospace

what is the result of a Fourier transform on a limited-time invariant system?

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Frequency response

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