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Do you have experience with VHDL using Xilinx chips? What type of software language have you used when working with micro controllers? What was the area of study in your undergraduate work?

What do you see yourself doing each day as an employee at boeing

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They wanted me to explain my technical capabilities

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Many behavioral questions around the design process.

Know the FPGA and VHDL programming process. It is like studying your subjects back in school because they want to know characteristics, types, process (block diagrams), and more like test questions during school time.

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So do you think you'd enjoy working here?

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By National Electric Code, how many feet in depth you could install conduit?

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By National Electric Code, what is the separation between primary wires and secondary wires?

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Interview questions consisted of ways to improve projects and also basic bode plot of a low pass RC filter, inverting and non-inverting op-amps and also analyzing a voltage divider circuit that utilized super position.

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