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If a conveyor motor trips out, how do you diagnose it?

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The answer they want: You uncouple it and see if it spins freely unloaded. This only is valid for small, accessible motors, the real answer is you test the motor with a Baker analyzer and look for your standard motor defects: turn to turn shorts, open circuits, and ground faults.

Draw the circuit for an active low-pass filter.

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How do you represent a real-world quantity in a digital system?

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Q2: A pnp transistor with its base connected to a voltage source, the V source is connected to a +10V source. The emitter of the transistor is connected to a resistance, and then to the same +10V source. The collector side is connected to a capacitor, which is not charged at t=0-. Given the graph of Vsource = 10 V stepping up at t = 0 to further, draw the graph of Vout. Vout is between the point of collector and capacitor.

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1. Tell me a time when you are handling new problems. 2. What is the inspiration for the career you chosen? 3. Tell me a time when you are doing something that is not required.

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A boat is in a swimming pool and there is a rock in the boat. What happens to the level of water if the rock is thrown out of the boat?

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What are some of your weaknesses?

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Are you willing to give up your other citizenship/passport for the clearance process?

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Arcing is bad for an electrical system, to deal with it we need to characterize it first. How would you measure the Electrical Characteristics of an Arc?

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They asked a puzzle question to test problem solving skills. It was a riddle about finding the heaviest ball in a group of seven, where 6 all weighed the same and only one weighed a different amount. The trick was to weigh it using a simple two tray scale, and use the minimum amount of weighs. I think this question is in the movie Die Hard, actually.

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