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How do you represent a real-world quantity in a digital system?

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What he really wanted me to do was draw the schematic of an ADC input circuit. I don't know why he didn't just ask that in the first place. Since it was a broad question, I spent over 5 minutes explaining binary representation, word size (8/16/32bit), endian-ness, and finally when I mentioned ADCs, he latched onto that and tried to get me to dig deeper. So I drew a block diagram of an ADC, focusing mostly on the interface to the microcontroller, and the channel select multiplexer. He grew increasingly frustrated and tried to get me to draw more detailed sub-circuits for each of the blocks in my diagram. Finally, I got to the actual ADC front end, and I drew a classic textbook R2R ladder circuit, and he seemed satisfied with that. By that point we had spent over 10 minutes in an interview where he was already complaining that he had a lot of ground to cover in limited time. I was so frazzled by the question that I did not even think of mentioning a successive approximation ADC as an alternative to the R2R, even though it's a much more common implementation in my experience.

Asked to identify various electrical components, tools, data sheets, etc.

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Written skills test

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Derive the differential equations of motion for a given mechanical system and calculate the transfer function.

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How do you prevent quantization errors from stacking up when reducing a number's precision by a divide or bit-shift operation?

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What would be the most efficient way to detect overflow/underflow in FIFOs?

Programming concepts: space/time complexity, threading, heap/stack concepts.

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