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Senior Electrical Project Manager was asked...February 20, 2016

Can you manage 3 projects at a time.

2 Answers

Yes i can handle more than 3 projects at a time.

Yes, I have extensive experience of managing several projects simultaneously.

That would be "When can you start?"

1 Answers

Out if respect for my then current employer I said "Two weeks" which was acceptable. Less

Sterling and Wilson

There is nothing like that. Because the persons who interviewed me were all had lesser job experienced than me. So they only asked me casual questions and my abroad experience.

1 Answers

I dont know much about that company. But compensations are not upto the market standards. Less

Reliance Industries

Tell me difference between Synchronous & Induction motors

1 Answers

A three phase Synchronous motor is a doubly excited machine, whereas an induction motor is a single excited machine. The armature winding of the Synchronous motor is energized from an AC source and its field winding from a DC source. The stator winding of Induction Motor is energized from an AC source. Synchronous Motor always runs at synchronous speed, and the speed of the motor is independent of load, but an induction motor always runs less than the synchronous speed. If the load increased the speed of the induction motor decreases. The induction motor has self-starting torque whereas the synchronous motor is not self starting. It has to be run up to synchronous speed by any means before it can be synchronized to AC supply. A synchronous motor can be operated with lagging and leading power by changing its excitation. An induction motor operates only at a lagging power factor. At high loads, the power factor of the induction motor becomes very poor. The Synchronous Motor can be used for power factor correction in addition to the supplying torque to drive mechanical loads whereas an induction motor is used for driving mechanical loads only. The synchronous motor is more efficient than an induction motor of the same output and voltage rating. A synchronous motor is costlier than an induction motor of the same output and voltage rating. Less

Name an instrument which is widely used to measure the hotspot temp' of transformer

1 Answers

Infrared thermometer


What would I bring to the role.

1 Answers

Experience that I had gained so far and the determination to problem solve.

Turner Construction

What can you bring to this organization?

1 Answers

Experience, skill, intelligent solutions.

The Boston Solar Company

Where do you see yourself in 5 years and what do you want to do within this company?

1 Answers

I wasn't exactly sure how to answer the first part as I thought I was to be an electrician my entire life, but I explained that I would like to be more of an authority figure to enforce the NEC and to ensure that the quality of work within this company was nothing less than what I was doing in the field. Less

The Raymond Corporation

Describe your skills with electrical design and ECAD tools.

1 Answers

Detailed my professional experience with specific examples.

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