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Do I know what a pot is?

5 Answers

Gives service to the customer.

Equipment Bay where circuits are terminated or cross connected in a C/O or Data Center

It’s plain old telephone system, the incumbent phone company for that area.

Can you work mandatory overtime.

3 Answers

Tell me about yourself

2 Answers

tell me about your back ground and experience in electronics assembly and repair

1 Answer

a lot of my experience

1 Answer

What are the most likely components to fail? What is the difference between bi-polar transistors and MOSFETS?

1 Answer

Q: What is the resistance value and tolerance of a 4-band resistor whose color code is green, blue, yellow, and gold? Q: What type of test equipment would you use to observe a varying signal voltage on a two dimensional plot?

1 Answer

what have you done at your previous job that was recognized by managment

1 Answer

If you would like contact me at azson@mail.com and I will fill you with the details of my statement.

1 Answer

They asked about my experience and my willingness to work as a team/family

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