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Eligibility Worker Interview Questions

"When interviewing for a position as an eligibility worker, expect to answer questions that will assess your ability to interview applicants and make sound evaluations regarding whether an applicant is eligible for government aid. You will likely be given mock government aid applications and be asked to determine whether each applicant qualifies for aid, and if so, how much aid he or she deserves."

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How would you handle a situation in which you were dealing with an irate or difficult client?

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I would calmly explain that I understand why the client is upset but I cannot help him/her until he/she calms down and allows us to have a civilized, logical discussion.

Describe how you have worked in a team, what was your best and worst experience working within that team?

Give me an example of a time you had a difficult situation where there was a positive outcome?

Tell us about yourself?

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Why do you want to work for the Department of Social Services?

Describe a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer.

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There were no difficult questions. Just annunciate your words, show that you can communicate clearly.

They gave me a sheet with all the questions that they would ask and they gave me a moment to compose my thoughts so it wasn't very difficult.

What factors do you think are important when working in a qroup?

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