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Given an unsorted array of numbers 1-99 but with one number absent, how would you determine which number was missing?

2 Answers

Sort the array first to make the process easier

(from another reviewer): no need for sorting. take the sum of the numbers 1-99 and subtract the sum of the numbers given. then you are left with the missing number.

How would you connect a microphone to a computer?

1 Answer

There is an array with 100 slots (0-99) and you have an unordered list of 100 numbers, how can you output the number not included in the array?

1 Answer

Technical first round question had to do with finding the missing number in an array from 0 to 100.

1 Answer

Given an array with one missing value, describe a way to find the missing value. Give two ways.

1 Answer

Describe the process of sending a human voice into a computer

1 Answer

Hardware question in on campus interview asks you to describe a system that could convert a voice signal to a digital computer signal.

1 Answer

Given 100 random numbers out of a string of 101, how would you find the missing number?

1 Answer

If you have an array of 100 randomly arranged integers, ranging 0-100, how do you find out which element from 0-100 is not in the list?

1 Answer
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