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I was asked some traditional questions re: problems I've solved in the past, both with projects and with coworkers. I was also asked about the way I think about things and how I go about projects and tasks, which I thought was great - it encouraged a more casual tone to the interview and made them all feel like more of a conversation.

What would you do if your job required more work?

Group Interview of 7 people. First we introduced ourselves, then we took two tests. One consisting of rational reasoning questions and one regarding programming skills.

You are given some email campaign metrics such as Sent Volume, Opens, Clicks, Conversion Rate, and RPL. You are then asked to describe which campaign is performing better and why. There were also some hypothetical questions where there is no right answer but are designed to see how you think. For example, "How many pizza restaurants are there in the state of California?"

How would you speak to B2B segments vs. B2C

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