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How well do you know HTML and inline CSS?

3 Answers

This company is deplorable to even post a FAKE positive interview scenario along with the consistent FAKE positive reviews that are laughingly ALL the same. Are the same three or four "people" writing these or just the one front office "person" writing these? You must really think that people are stupid to believe that consistent similar positive posts are all believable! "No cons here!" Ha, Ha! What, are you starting to run out of people to interview with all the consistent turnover? Guess so!

You are pathetic and truly despicable with you fake reviews, do you think anyone is stupid enough to not catch on to you.

Still posting fake reviews, what kind of idiots do you think people are, I hope the IRS or Business Software Alliance or someone shuts you down.

Could you come back to talk about a content position for 30k?

2 Answers

Write down code for finding nth number in a fibonocci series.

2 Answers

Send along a marketing email that you wrote and deployed at you current or previous play of employment that makes you proud. • What was the open and CTR and how did it compare to your norms? • What audience was the email intended for? • What did you like about it? • What organizational goals did it help advance?

1 Answer

Do you believe in aliens?

1 Answer

Whether I felt more focused on project management or as a production specialist.

1 Answer

Owner asked about every single item on my resume.

1 Answer

Are you looking for long term employment?

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an irate customer and how you solved their problem without going negative.

1 Answer

Where do you see yourself in five years?

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