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What techniques would you use to reduce power consumption in an embedded system?

2 Answers

Sleep modes, reduce refresh operations

Sleep modes and refresh ops and if you have a fully static design, completely stop the clock.

What kind of data structure would you use to store data from a serial receive line?

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Describe the two different uses of the "volatile" keywork in C.

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Tell me about a time you faced constraints while programming.

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Asked c questions from the link i shared. It was interesting to solve these questions

Skype: Draw a led interfacing circuit and write a driver for the same. Some logical questions like 3 light bulb (standard Lutron question) Write code for FizzBuzz 3 different types Tell me about yourself Onsite: Given circuit tell me different voltage, resistance, and current throughout different circuit points. (went in detail for almost an hour) Write a simple embedded driver for a few leds. Questions about interrupts and synchronization details about the project(during the presentation) what do u like outside of work?

Very detailed technical questions about specific functions within the Linux kernel.

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