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Emergency Department Technician Interview Questions

"As an emergency department technician, you will be expected by employers to have the emergency medical training and calm temperament necessary to assist patients in hospital emergency rooms and urgent care facilities. Expect interviewers to ask you to provide examples of instances when you remained calm and acted professionally in a high-stress, fast past environment. You will likely be asked to act out various emergency room procedures which will test your ability to think quickly and and follow medical procedures without making mistakes. Emergency department technicians are required to have received Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training."

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Why should I pick you over other candidates?

1 Answer

My background and experience speak for themselves, I have exceptional attention to detail, operate well in stressful environments, and am patient-focused in the delivery of care

What was the most stressful case/call/patient you ever worked on?

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What video games do you play?

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Very typical questions, What is one strength? What is a weakness? and so on.

They vary with each interview team. I had the "If you were an object in a kitchen drawer, what would you be and why?" question.

More like a get to know you interview. Did not ask specific questions.

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What will you bring with you to this company? Have you worked in an environment with many changes? How did you adapt?

1. Tell me about yourself. 2. Describe a time when you gave compassio to a person.

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