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Emergency Physician was asked...March 5, 2016

Do you think you can handle the acuity of this facility, compared with where you are presently employed?

2 Answers

I am 100% positive that I can handle the curry of tho facility

It seems like a reasonable challenge, but I think the team support in the ER and the hospital consultant back-up will make it acceptable. Less


Why would you want to leave Myrtle Beach to come to Upstate NY?

1 Answers

I am a New Yorker by birth, and though I have lived in a number of other states, I have returned to New York on several occasions for education and employment opportunities. My wife is from Scotland, and prefers the climate of New York State to that of South Carolina. Less

Mayo Clinic

Give us an example of when you had differences with a colleague.

1 Answers

Unfortunately this is a "catch 22" type of question. If you answer honestly, you look like a trouble-maker who can't get along with others. If you answer saying you went through the proper chain of command, to your supervisor, it looks like you are a tattle tale and can't handle things yourself. If you tell them you spoke tactfully and diplomatically with your colleague about your valid concerns (which I thought was the proper response), they ask you what you did if the colleague was still being difficult. If you continue the conversation, you look confrontational. No right answer here. They don't like anyone making any waves at all in their system. Just bite your tongue and fake it. Less


Why do want this job?

1 Answers

told them about family requirements

GVK Industries

treatment for MI

1 Answers

How to manage op poisoining

Peerless Hospital

why you want to join in our hospital?

1 Answers

well there have no specific reason but I had heard of this esteemed hospital and can flourish my knowledge and treat patient in a wise manner. Less


Why do you want to join __ hospital?

1 Answers



How will you answer the question in this survey "When was this interview ?" when the "select year" button won't allow you to go back more than 5 years?

1 Answers

I will add another question, and answer, this is my eight year anniversary on the job here in Syracuse. The interview was in March of 2008. Less

Alteon Health

Tell us about yourself, your interests, and where you see yourself

Mint Physician Staffing

board certification, availability, open shifts

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