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Emergency Room Technician Interview Questions

"Working as an emergency room technician demands the quick and critical thinking skills to make sound decisions in the middle of a fast-paced environment. During an interview, expect to talk about how you view good customer service, follow standard protocol, and handle irate patients. Employers may provide an example of an emergency conflict where you must use your judgment to decide which trauma requires more immediate attention. Be sure to display your passion for helping others to prove that you are the right fit."

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Describe a time when you came across an irate patient and how did you handle it.

Since working in the healthcare industry requires you to follow HIPPA protocol, there are times when a hospital worker may have to conceal the truth from someone in order to protect patient info, e.g. if a family member calls asking if his/her loved one is ok, you legally must withold any information about the status of their health to avoid lawsuits. With this context, the interview asked me "How comfortable are you with lying?"

How do you prioritize your work? Example if you had a patient come into the ER with a laceration with minor bleeding but you also had a patient come in with chest pain what would you handle first?

Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years?

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What is one thing your experience on the ambulance service brings to the ER that you think is very important for an ER tech to be able to do?

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