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Have you ever been asked to do anything that you morally had an issue with?

3 Answers

(After a pause, and some memory-bank searching) Yes, I was asked to falsify a time record.

Yes, I was once asked to falsify a time record by a manager. I immediately reported it to his supervisor.

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Discuss experiences with conflict resolution.

1 Answer

What has been your experience in handling teacher evaluation issues?

1 Answer

What hours can you work?

42 Answers

Nothing difficult

7 Answers

If Ray Allen tips the ball and Rajon Rondo picks the ball up, who gets credited for the steal?

7 Answers

"See this jacket right here? Sell me it."

2 Answers

do you have any children?

2 Answers

Are you comfortable with driving to other stores within the central valley?

2 Answers

What is your creative process?

1 Answer
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