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How does racial equity play a role in todays workforce?

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Racial equity plays a very specific and important role in our workforce as it addresses root causes related to social injustices. Looking at how government, policies, practices, community attitudes effect individuals of color in comparison to their "white" coworkers. Discovering systemic hidden messages and advocating for tomorrows workforce and communities plays a vital role to our county's economic wellbeing and wellbeing as a whole.

What was a time that you had a problem with a supervisor and how did you handle it?

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What's your biggest weakness- not really that challenging of a question

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What is some feedback your current or previous employer has given you?

What information did I know about the company?

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They asked a very lengthy multiple part question in Spanish about what I knew of their services, mission, people they serve, etc.

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Question's vary but will typically be behavioral based.

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