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How would I react if a coworker started gossip about office and coworkers/boss.

2 Answers

I'd thank them for their advice, but let them know that I prefer to figure things out through experience since opinion is all relative.

Several considerations: As an employer relations specialist, if I learned for a fact, a particular person was spreading gossip about everyone and everything in the office( question states office, coworkers, boss). Obviously the coworker needs to be taken aside and privately told that gossip is not appropriate because it reflects badly on them, as well as demoralizing everyone hearing the gossip. And to STOP, immediately, no more slander. Also, is it just verbal? Or did the coworker print any of their comments on social media? Which amounts to negative advertising, as well as potential libel. Depending on the coworker, it might not just be a negative person saying negative things. If possible, take a look at their situation. Is there something which could be done to improve the office. We are not in a bubble, the public (non-coworkers) can see and hear what we are doing. Majority of the time it is sour grapes.

What is your definition of failure?

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Do you know what the Waukegan Township does?

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Describe all job duties of an employment specialist.

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Tell me about yourself?

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What were my skills and how can they help this company.

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How is your time management?

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Explain how I handled an investigation

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Why do want to work for the School Board

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Tell me about yourself

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