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EMT Interview Questions

"Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are highly skilled medical professionals who are the first to the scene of a medical emergency. Employers are looking for candidates who are quick and rational thinkers that can excel under stress. You can expect interviews to focus primarily on case scenario questions that will assess your ability to respond to a variety of emergency situations, particularly when it comes to what equipment to use. You should also be aware that EMTs must be certified by an accredited training program."

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Scenario questions like. If you were in a situation where a coworker was doing something illegal or against company policy, what would you do?

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Ensure that there is no immediate safety concerns, then neutralize the situation as professionally as possible. Maybe by convincing the coworker that it wouldn't be the smartest thing to do. Then report the problem to an immediate supervisor as soon as possible.

It follows that safety concerns are the first thing out of my mouth here. I experienced partners doing things which were not dangerous-yet were against policy... If you allow them to "get away with it," your own integrity will be ruined and you will not be regarded for promotions. Your answer should include telling the immediate supervisor.

If someone was hurt or in danger of physical harm, and you were on duty driving by to another call, you should...

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Most difficult questions were regarding step by step use of specific equipment. For instance, how to set up and administer a nebulizer. Dosage, etc. How would I handle a patient in a nursing home on a BLS transport that was unconscious if the nurse was not in the room and my partner was also an EMT and the patient had obviously fallen from her bed.

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Can you pass a drug test

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At the time the most difficult question was what is a coup contrecoup.

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So can you tell me about yourself?

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When can you start.

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Have you worked for an additional transport company?

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