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1) Tell me about a time you handled a crisis. 2) Tell me about a time you had to deal with ambiguity. 3) Tell me what you know about AWS?

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Re: "1) Tell me about a time you handled a crisis" Let me tell you about [situation] my experience on YouTube [task] and about the time when I started publishing my first series of videos. Despite [action] investing at times [metric] 200 hours into one video, and keeping a [bias for action] sustained uploading schedule, they would only get [metric] 50 to 100 views; this went on for about [metric] 3 months of trial and error - no one was watching them or subscribing, so I discontinued the series. Putting things into perspective, [result] this helped me [negative story with positive outcome] to learn the importance of storytelling and creating helpful content; and, despite doing these videos [frugality] all by myself, I went above and beyond to [customer obsession + flywheel] help my viewers to reach their goals. [results] Eventually, things started heading in the right direction, some of the videos even going [buzzword] viral, with [metric] thousands watching them every day, and [metric] hundreds subscribing each month. Also, [focus on the outcome] people have started to provide useful feedback which makes the production process more [positive outcome] enjoyable and helps me considerably improve with each upload. P.s. this is the transcript of a full example that I made on my YouTube channel in the video: How to Answer Any Behavioral Question During The Amazon Interview

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When was a time you had to be vulnerable in a meeting?

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he problem (1) is likely to involve eight balls, one of which is slightly heavier than the others. You have a two-armed scale, which you are allowed to use only twice.

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is to ask you to calculate the number of degrees between the hour hand and the minute hand of a clock (nondigital) that reads 3:15.

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Mock presentation was the most challenging..

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give me an example how you have handled a customer who as made a totally unacceptable request?

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Pick a customer project and describe your role and what you accomplished.

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Tell me about a time when...

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Everyone has bad days, our clients do not understand as they pay full price everyday. How can you continue to give 150% on a bad day?

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What motivates you/

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