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First phone screen: Print all the nodes of a tree in reverse level order (ie print all the nodes at the leaves first, then print the nodes on the level above the leaves, and then eventually work your way to the top).

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With no additional restrictions, this sounds as though it is simply a post-order traversal of the tree.

The above answer is wrong, consider the tree below: 10 / \ 5 15 / \ 12 25 The post order traversal is 5, 12, 25, 15, 10 but the answer should be 12, 25 (or 25, 12), 5, 15 (or 15, 5) and 10 The correct solution would be to do a BFS from the room using a queue. After visiting a node, add it to a stack and continue. When done the traversal, loop the stack popping elements and printing to screen.

Do a level order traversal of the tree and reverse it. Am I missing something, or is the reverse part in there just for kicks?

Telephone interview: Find largest integer from an array of integers. The integers in the array are arranged in strictly increasing (no 2 integers are same) or strictly increasing then decreasing; so like a curve and you have to find the peak. Discuss time complexity. Write code.

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Suppose you have a C++ base class and several classes that inherit from it. What might happen if you do not write a virtual destructor for the base class?

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How would you test an ATM machine

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write a wrapper fun for 32-byte aligned mem allocation

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Tell me about a time when you dissembled something and successfully repaired it.

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What is the chance that two dogs have the same number of hairs.

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Design the recommendations list for amazon webpage.

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Second phone screen: Implement a function to determine if a string is a substring of another string.

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Give an example of where you had to coach a subordinate.

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