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How do you manage multiple problems in multiple locations?

1 Answer

You triage based on proximity, customer temperature and severity.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years

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If you were informed by a PM that you were responsible for building out a an entirely new service, how would you build it out?

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The most difficult question is or was what is your 90 day plan, however with no internal information this plan is of no use without the constraints in which to define a resolution. If they are seeking a creative answer it often just a shoot in the dark or your best guest.

Technical interview was taken by one of the best technical resource in Fortinate PSE. 1. Difference between EBGP and IBGP 2. PKI 3. Cryptography 4. Digital Certs 5. Switching 6. Routing 7. Basic Networking 8. VLANS 9. 802.1Q Tagging and many more

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Q. There was a Diagram provided for a PLC machine with conveyors and proximity sensors. A sequence of steps was provided describing the process. There was a problem with the machine, that one of the conveyor motor output was on, but the Case placed on the conveyor was not moving. Identify the possible causes to the problem.

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I was asked to read the output of a network packet exchange and explain what I was seeing

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What type of systems I had worked with and my background experience.

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