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Discuss an instance where you were assigned to a project with an unhappy customer and how did you deal with it?

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I worked a project where the plant shut down after a car struck the main transformer. I contacted the customer as soon as possible, visited the site, prepared an emergency repair scope, reccommended contractors and was able to get the business back in operations in 72 hours.

mostly technical questions, though nothing particularly hard. interviewed a few days after it was announced that Hitachi agreed to sell to WD. the question was why come work here now?

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what technology skill set do i bring to the company

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Describe a time when you had to interact with the public in a supervisory manner?

Name a challenging situation you have encountered and what you did to overcome it.

Describe your previous experience?

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What was the most difficult part about the research project you worked on?

Recruiter asked several softball questions about my experience and interests but seemed to steer me towards another position which was more senior relative to the one to which i applied

Tell me of a time when you had a conflict with a supervisor and how you resolved it.

Describe your contribution to the most significant project that you have worked on?

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