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If you were a baker and I was to ask you to bake me a cake what would you do?

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Ask lots of questions, ensure you are meet all deliverables.

I give

Surely I give

Basic behavioral questions such as: 1. Tell me something about yourself 2. What are your career goals 3. Describe a situation where you disliked one of your team members 4. Tell us about a time you were overwhelmed by a project you were leading or working on 5. Tell us about a time when things didn't go as you planned

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Name a situation where you were leading and one of your teammates didn't show interest and was planning on leaving the class

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What is your favorite AA airplane fleet and why?

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How would you calculate the heat loss across a radiator?

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Are you actually going to graduate on the date you specified on your resume?

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I was coming from another aerospace company, so they expected a full explanation as to why I had decided to work for the competition.

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What happens to a capacitor as the frequency increases to infinity?

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How do you handle difficult people?

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Describe a time you had a difficult experience.

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