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How to print a link list reversely

3 Answers

The simplest solution would be: 1. Traverse a linked list from head to tail 2. During traversal, push all the elements of the node into a stack 3. Once the traversal is done, pop all elements and this will print the linked list in reverse order ... Looking fwd for an optimized solution ...

void printLLreverse(Node *headNode) { //this is going to just iterate through the LL //add each element to a stack and //print the stack when we are finished stack llStack; Node* currNode = headNode; while(currNode) { llStack.push(currNode->data); currNode = currNode->next; } while(llStack.size() > 0) { cout <<; llStack.pop(); } }

the stack solution is good, you can also use recursion void printReverse(ListNode node) { if(node == null) return; printReverse(; System.out.println(node.value); }

Explain the most innovative idea or concept that you have implemented with limited use of resources

1 Answer

How do you handle difficult people?

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when you were forced to solve a problem under unfamiliar circumstances.

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How did you work on a team to solve a problem

1 Answer

what makes you stand out from the crowd? (i think it was something similar to this).

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what made you choose EMC?

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based on the I/O table given, draw K map and give out the corresponding logic expression;

1 Answer

circuit analysis about capacitors and nMOS.

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How does chemical engineering apply for the food science industry? What strengths or experiences can you bring to the table for innovation and progress in a consumer products career?

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