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Given US denomination coins, what is the algorithm to make change for any amount?

3 Answers

Greedy algorithm will work in this case

Code is in JAVA : public class USCoins { public static void main(String args[]) { int[] coinDenominations = {25,10,5,1}; double totalAmountInDollars = 3.46; int[] numberOfEachCoin = getNumber(coinDenominations,totalAmountInDollars); for(int number : numberOfEachCoin) System.out.println(number); } private static int[] getNumber(int[] coinDenominations, double totalAmountInDollars) { int numberOfEachCoin[] = new int[coinDenominations.length]; int totalAmountInCents = (int) (totalAmountInDollars*100); for(int i=0;i

Inspired by this problem, I have proposed a solution that print out all possible change combinations per given amount. I demo the problem solving process in this video:

Why should I hire you?

1 Answer

How would you handle an engineer downgrading the severity of a vulnerability just to extend the SLA?

1 Answer

why is matching required?

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Describe what you would do if your boss assigned you a project that he needed completed in 4 weeks but you realize that it actually takes 6 weeks to complete, but your boss tells you that 4 weeks is the max time you have on it. What would you do?

1 Answer

Would you say you are more a system administrator?

1 Answer

Name one time you gained someones trust

1 Answer

What was the last project you personally programmed for?

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What is your experience with Lean Six Sigma?

1 Answer

1. What made you choose your major and your college? 2. Tell me about CAD software. 3. Why the low GPA? (I had stupidly put my low GPA on my resume). 4. Why should I hire you for this job?

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