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What does a cow weigh? I understand that this is a fairly typical type of question to test abstract thinking ability for engineers. I had fun with it. Most interviews focused on experience and approach to typical situations. Nothing out of the ordinary.

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How are microcode and firmware different? Where are they similar?

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years and how will this job help you reach that goal?

WHat are your salary expectations.

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Phone Screens (with recruiter & Hiring manger): Background & resume focused questions. Explain how you handle a project start to end, cross functional engagement, communication across timezones. Why are you moving out, why Sony, why this position. Onsite: TPM skills and Technical skill themed rounds were focused on: Explain one technical project (as an engineer or EPM) with technical details (and then get into technical details as we got into depths). How will you design a PS network across the globe and target low latency. Stakeholder, Cultural fit & Manager interview were focused on: How would you communicate to audience across functional and geographical location (techniques & approaches of communication). How do you cross functionally engaged teams. How do you lead by influence, manage conflict, manage priority changes and conflicts How do you motivate your team. What are your 3 strong skillsets and one that you would improve on.

How do you deal with a team mate that is not performing?

Describe a situation where you ran into problems managing an outside vendor.

asked specifics about sensors and a few physics type questions with whiteboard work necessary

Elaborate a time when you were not successful and what you learned from it.

What is the most important role of a program manager?

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