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Elaborate a time when you were not successful and what you learned from it.

Fairly standard for the most part. The group project was the most unexpected and, for me, difficult due to my reserved nature.

They asked me pretty typical interview questions, nothing too technical since it was for a program management role.

1) How will you convince others to adapt to a change? 2) About my experience in saas/on-premise releases. 3) How will you handle the friction(if any) between you and another member? 4) How do you make introverts/less participating members to speak during a meeting? 5) Agile process.

Q: What are your weaknesses?

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What is your project management style? How would you protect the engineering group? Why do you want to change / apply for this position? Describe how you would approach a project with just a high level, vague requirement.

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Full lifecycle product development process, leadership principals, conflict resolution, how would I motivate a team

Give us an example of a project you completed and implemented

Asked about my background What were my best skill sets and my weakest one Why should the company hire me How do I handle pressure How comfortable do I feel in presenting to C-Level management

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One bit of the interview process i enjoyed is the white boarding sessions around a problem and my approach to solve it.