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Technical aspect of SoC, budget experience, material, supply chain experience

Explain an experience when you and someone else in a group didn't see eye to eye on something. Awhat was the outcome and how did it get resolved?

What experience did I have with R&D and hardware? Basically wanted explanation of experience listed on resume. Then focused of time periods.

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All questions were to explain , architecture, design and challenges in the system or program you are working on. This is basically these managers want to learn and improve themselves

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(Describes a big technical challenge) "what can you do to solve this?" Not as open ended as it sounds, the described problem is real

Describe a time where you saw someone being unsafe or violating a safety rule in the workplace, and describe what you did.

Most difficult question was to write an essay on how you would approach the job and set up details.

Interviewers were very interested in my prior experienced with advanced television technologies (understandable). Much of TiVo's platform is proprietary, so you just have to have enough background to pick things up once you get in the door.

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Standard questions: reason of interest in the company, fit in the team...