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What does UDP stand for? How is it different from what we use commonly today?

1 Answer

I had no idea. I had heard of UDP as being an older protocol kinda like TCP/IP but that's it.

What are some points of failure on this device?

1 Answer

Please explain how you would calculate 3 phase power.

1 Answer

What was you weakest area?

1 Answer

When did you ever have to work with a team to accomplish a single, daunting goal.

1 Answer

Tell me a story about how you have worked on a detailed project; have used design principals; have worked as a teammate; as a leader; what was a great accomplishment in your life?

1 Answer

What I expected out of the internship

1 Answer

Tell me about the project you worked on at your last internship. What was your role?

(Phone Interview): What inspired you to begin working in this area of engineering?

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