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Asked an advanced algorithm question, how to write a function to copy all the nodes in a graph. Had to do this on the, always clunky at best.

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I figured out the algorithm, got partway through the actual coding and was stopped to ask me a wider variety of questions.

interviewers looking to see if you have any knowledge about automotives, chassis, powertrain etc. It helps to have knowledge about chassis, power train, etc

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Detailed questions about why I left each position going back over 15 years. Hard to give a career progression story when viewed that way.

What would a co-worker you have difficulties with say about you?

Build an activity booking backend with real-time availability.

about the whole IT knlowlegde

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How would you redesign a search solution for mobile and PC applications that provided the same experience regardless of Internet connection but allow multiple facets?

If you had to support multiple versions of an API, how would versioning be handled? Header, domain, path, etc.

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