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2) A. 10 ropes, each one has one red end and one blue end. Each time, take out a red and a blue end, make them together. Repeat 10 times. The expectation of the number of loops. B. 10 ropes, no color. All the other remains the same.

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1/10 + 1/9 +...+ 1 ? B is similar..

1/19+1/17+etc in B

E[n] = 1/n + (n-1)/n*E[n-1] = 1/n + E[n-1] For the case of n=10, you would sum up all of the numbers from 1 to 10: 1/10+1/9+ 1/8 + 1/7 ... + 1/2

Do you see yourself as a Mac or a PC and why?

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I did not have any difficult questions - but I have since done a lot of interviewing for Sogeti, and I do ask some difficult questions. Here's one: What analysis and modeling techniques and methodologies have you found to be the most effective, and why?

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Not many difficult. I would say some things were unexpected for me. Such as asking about my college experience (been out of college for some time).

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can you live together with men/woman while working?

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There is NOT one difficult question that you get from them, only one i got stuck on was "If you could improve on anything what would it be?"

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How would you wire this conference room

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Basic operation on Boost Converter

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Why should I hire you?

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What are the steps in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and what are the differences between the Waterfall and Agile development processes?

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