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design api for cache management

3 Answers

looking for what kind of function u will expose with exceptions etc...

What was the answer for this? My answer would be we should apply adapter design pattern (or bridge) into this question since we could cache data using many storage engine (file, memcache, db).

From answer is Cache with Proxy pattern package xyz; public interface Data{ public String getData(); } package xyz; class RealData implements Data{ private String data; RealData(String data){ = data; } public String getData(){ return data; } } package xyz; public class CacheDataProxy implements Data{ private String data = null; private RealData realData; public CacheDataProxy(){ realData = new RealData(); } public String getData(){ if(data == null){ data = realData.getData(); } return data; } }

Give me an example of a time you influenced management to change an important decision.

1 Answer

Questions that compared/contrasted service industry and manufacturing industry practices were the most difficult.

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can you live together with men/woman while working?

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How would you wire this conference room

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How many kids do you have? Do you plan to have more? Do you think toucan handle working an having kids?

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Basic operation on Boost Converter

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Why should I hire you?

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What are the steps in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and what are the differences between the Waterfall and Agile development processes?

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