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Why are you qualified to work with low-income students?

1 Answer

I grew up in similar circumstances as most of the students.

1. What would you do if a student was disruptive during a lesson? 2. How would you adjust curriculum to be inclusive of students with special needs? 3. What kind of warm-up exercises would you assign at the beginning of each class?

1 Answer

How would you handle classroom management?

1 Answer

Also how do you communicate with parents and students but still make it so the student is independent and growing?

1 Answer

How do you differentiate your lessons?

1 Answer

how would you handle certain situations

2 Answers

May I ask why you are not wearing a suit today?

4 Answers

If the principal asked me to stop teaching something in my class that was inappropriate or unethical for students, would I stop using the material and lessons?

1 Answer

What is your teaching experience.

1 Answer

Number of years’ experience, education

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