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Issaquah School District
Issaquah High School English Language Arts Teacher was asked...May 19, 2015

Also how do you communicate with parents and students but still make it so the student is independent and growing?

1 Answers

Communicate with parents and see if they believe their child is performing to their highest capability. Give them ways to encourage their child without completely doing all the work for them. Less

Shawnee Mission School District

How do you differentiate your lessons?

1 Answers

I like to keep the students engaged by not being repetitive in what is being covered each day. For example, I might focus on reading comprehension and literature on one day and then do writing samples the next day. This way, students don't get bored. Less

Houston ISD

Why are you qualified to work with low-income students?

1 Answers

I grew up in similar circumstances as most of the students.

British Institutes

Where have you taught? Which course books have you used? What ages have you taught? Can you teach me something now?

2 Answers

I don't remember now, but in any case, they're dependent on the experience you have! Less

I have only taught biology and science to my juniors classes , nothing specific.

"Do you want to die in Japan, or die in your own country?"

1 Answers

I did not answer.

NOVA (Japan)

Recall your favorite teacher at your university, what did you like most about their teaching style? Same question for teacher you liked the least.

1 Answers

What was a piece of constructive criticism you've received recently at work?

NOVA (Japan)

Describe what "borrow" and "lend" is in simplest terms?

1 Answers

I found it kind of unusual for a question like that. I see a lot of companies that are into ALT in Asia ask the same question. As a potential English Instructor, I would find more comparison terms would be more acceptable like: Describe what "where" and "wear" is in simplest terms? ... since they have the same phonetics, but are used in different meanings. For my answer though, "borrow" means to get and "lend" means to give. Less

NOVA (Japan)

why do you want to work for nova

1 Answers

I want to use my profession even when i am currently living in Japan.

English Program in Korea

Q: Where I would like to be placed and also, how I would handle disruptive students and transitioning into a rural setting.

1 Answers

Honestly and to the best of my knowledge.


Do you have previous teaching experience?

1 Answers

In my case, I had 3 years experience teaching English to adults. So I detailed that experience Less

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