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How would you deal with culture shock?

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Explain one mathematical concept that you could explain

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Do you have experience teaching English

What lesson would you teach if you had one day to teach?

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After making it all the way through the personal interview process, my boyfriend of 4 years and I did not get accepted into AEON. We both have extensive experience working with children, and teaching English. We are both TEFL certified. We wore business suits, had letters of recommendation, prepared great creative lesson plans, and executed them with laughter and energy. We passed the grammar test too. Overall we were excellent candidates. So why weren't we hired? Aeon is very secretive. They do not tell you why you were hired, and they do not offer any feedback so that you can improve for next time. I believe the reason why we were not offered a position is because we were applying as a couple. Even though they said they have accepted couples in the past they didnt seem too enthused about it. If you are trying to get hired as a couple, I would suggest looking elsewhere. Even if you do get hired you cant live together or work together. So whats the fun in that?!

Why are you interested in going to Korea?

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Asked several questions about my education and experience.

They would like to know if you work with student portfolios and if you know the British system of education.

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