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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Answer with something that is relevant to the position and benefiting the institution.

The questions really are not technical. Questions are more creative and requires nothing but common sense, critical thinking, and personal approach on how one address an issue to an employee, how one deescalate a situation, how one motivates an employee to be productive in a deadline-sensitive environment, what recommendations you would give someone who is already doing superb, and how you assist someone under-performing to exceed expectations, just to name a few. Every one has a different approach, mentality, and it all depends on how you present yourself in answering these questions. The questions are related to customer service and employee management particularly. It is all about your soft skills, because you got called for an interview assuming you already have the hard credentials in place (degree, experience in an academic institution, hardware and software skills). Just have fun and be yourself!

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Since I am typically overqualified for the positions I am seeking, I am often asked why I would want to do that type of work.

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Tell us about a time when you had to make a difficult decision.

They asked about my experience as a sales manager, ways that I motivated employees, and performance expectations I had

They asked about a difficult time I had in my life and how I overcame it. I was hoping we'd talk a little more about the position and what would be expected of me. Very bizarre questions in general. At one point, I was concerned that the loud one might have had a few drinks at lunch.

The interview process has changed since I went through it so many years ago. Just be prepared to give examples of what you have already done to address or work through the situations they ask about. Don't be afraid to show that you are not perfect. Don't come with canned answers either.

Why do want to work with us?

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We have university partners in the east coast and in the west coast, how would you manage your time to ensure that you're able to effective service all enrollment teams, regardless of location.

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