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Enrollments was asked...September 30, 2011

What makes you the ideal candidate for this position?

7 Answers

I bring experience and knowledge from a diverse skill set. I'm loyal and reliable. Less

I bring Experience and knowledge from a diverse skill set I am loyal and reliable I like to be challenged and multitask I’m a problem solver that is known for thinking outside the box Less

I am a self-motivated person who is willing to go above and beyond

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Carelon Global Solutions

self intro some basic questions

3 Answers

I have 3yrs experience

Am priya I did mba i don't have exp

Hi Priya cool you have done MBA search for a job where on mba Basis they are hiring .... if you did mba from business school then you will get good package 😉 ... Less

Grand Canyon University

STAR Method questions

3 Answers

I would have got up and walked out of that interview had an interviewing manager acted that way during an interview. If they act that inappropriate in an interview, imagine how bad it would be if you worked there! Less

Ps. The next interview was not with GCU.

Yeah I wish I would have. I told a few people about it. It was unbelievable. But in the end I went to another interview where they were very open and they made a point about me being comfortable so that they could really know my personality. You absolutely cannot know somebody's personality by interviewing like she did. It was a blessing in disguise and now I work 12 min from my home👍🏽 Less

University of Phoenix

What is the best way to manage people?

3 Answers

Attitude and motivation

Be sure to clarify manage or lead people they are two different methods. When you manage people you ensure that they are meeting metrics. To successfully to this they need to be first treated with respect and dignity, appropriately trained, given the opportunity to ask questions, be open, make suggestions. Your followers need to be coached, counseled and given positive as well feedback that could be taken as negative. And, never ask an employee what you yourself wouldn't do...be a great role model and others will follow. Less

Take the time to know each employee as an individual.

Applied Behavior Center for Autism (IN)

If you were a screw in a blender how would you get out?

2 Answers

were you drug tested. before or after you accepted the position?

I used critical thinking.

University of Phoenix

What are some ways you have experienced a supervisor not deal with things correctly?

2 Answers

(This is such a loaded question! OMG. I was definitely stumped for a few seconds.) I didn't use a personal example, because you should never talk negatively about a past supervisor. I said I've heard some friends that have supervisors who do not take the time to treat them as individuals and try to motivate them on a personal level. I explained that these friends feel frustrated at the end of the day because they feel their manager does not care about them. Less

The most important thing to remember about working there is to not let it get you down. Honestly, my manager would always negative and I hated the working enviironment. The asinine sales approach that UoP uses is pathetic. I am not an EC at a different University, and I found out within the first couple months just how much I was missing out by working at UoP. It truly is a classless organization. I do not know what your experience has been like there, but if they have been anything like mine just remember that UoPathetic is not where is starts and ends regardless of what the idiotic managers tell you. Less

National Louis University

Tell me something you do not like about the department you currently work in

2 Answers

Looks like they haven't changed. The lack of professionalism is alarming. They had me come back 3 times, and each time I would see the other candidate I was against. Also, one of the VP had me waiting outside her office 15 minutes after our scheduled time and had the nerve to tell me she is pressed for time and we only had 20 min. I was rushed and she was rude. They told me that was the final round and sure enough emailed me 3 days later to tell me they have another interview round including a presentation that they wanted a lame powerpoint given to students. I don't know any young adult that likes a powerpoint. The directors are young and very very inexperienced. They are nervous talkers and you can hear there voices shaking. Even though I gave an excellent presentation and the students and I interacted beautifully I didn't get the position because they choose the younger candidate (I know this because I saw who she was). The director told me that I would hear back the next day, and she didn't contact me, three days later she made an excuse and said they will make a decision two days later and I should hear from her by the end of that day. Yes, you guessed it she did not. She finally cowardly sent an email the next day saying they chose the other candidate, but would like my permission to keep my resume on file because of my amazing experience. Who writes like that? Honestly, the only thing I am disappointed with is myself for not running away when I saw the unprofessionalism. The place is so disorganized. It is stale and cramped. Our first interview was in an electrical closet! Also, the pay is a joke for what they put candidates through. They are trying real hard to be like the more respected universities, but in order to achieve that you have to act professional like them. Everything happens for a reason, luckily I was offered a position the next day at a more prestigious university where my talents will be appreciated. Thanks NLU for showing me what I don't want in a employer. Less

I love my department and do not have anything negative to comment about it

University of Phoenix

Tell me about a recent life goal that you were successful at achieving.

1 Answers

As a result of my lay off last year in November, I took it as a blessing rather than getting upset or worried. I used it as the perfect opportunity to take the time to list and stage my home for sale and to relocate back to South Florida to be closer to family. Less


They love behavioral interviews. Tell me about a situation when.....

1 Answers

Use the STAR method!

VFS Global

Name a time you faced a challenge at work at overcame it. (Or something like that, honestly it was so lame I try not to remember it.

2 Answers

I'm sure I made up something and rolled my eyes.

This is a fantastic review. I actually attended this interview—I was the person brought along “just to type things up.” Actually, we did make the decision not to hire you; we were definitely not “pawns,” and I absolutely remember you, sir. :) However, this review is fantastic because you are entirely correct: The company is terrible. I’m happy you were spared. I hope you found something more fitting for your needs. Less

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